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Want to become a more efficient and accurate organization?

Watch how Engie have done so by implementing Blue Prism’s RPA.

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Not all robots are created equal

Five years ago Dr Adam Rutherford looked at the then emerging market of Robotic Process Automation – in this video Dr Rutherford re-visits RPA and discovers than not all RPA is equal

New frontiers for Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation has revolutionized manufacturing, delivering efficiency and providing high quality products for consumers. This video explores how robotic automation is moving into other industries and in particular the back office of the services industry.

RPA at OP – Experiences and Learnings

Lauri Peltola (Senior Manager, Process Development & RPA) and Mika Lakka (Senior Manager, Private Back & Middle Office) from OP introduce RPA in their organisation. What are the business experiences and how do employees feel.

Blue Prism benefits and results

Engaging video on the impact and results from Blue Prism enterprise RPA implementations including case study results and benefits derived by many clients.

Gaining Productivity with RPA – the Latest Research

See the replay of the latest webinar featuring:

  • Sarah Burnett, VP Everest Group
  • Professor Leslie Willcocks, London School of Economics
  • Mary Lacity, Curators’ Distinguished Professor at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis and Visiting Scholar at MIT CISR
Dave Moss, CTO and Co-founder delivers TEDx talk on Robotic Process Automation

We are all familiar with physical, industrial robots, but what about robots that work in offices? In fact, they are already taking up posts around the world alongside their human counterparts.

Prof Willcocks on the future of work: Part 1

In a new video for the London School of Economics, Professor of Technology Work and Globalization Leslie Willcocks introduces his research on the future of work and the benefits associated with robotic process automation (RPA) across industries.

Introduction to Blue Prism Robotic Automation software platform

Dave Moss, CTO and Co-founder of Blue Prism introduces the Blue Prism Robotic Automation Software Platform and explains how the technology is used by accredited operational business teams to rapidly and cost effectively build their own process automations to support ever changing business initiatives and operational demands, within an IT governed framework.

Robotic Automation – What next for BPO’s?

Richard Jones, Chairman of Proxima and veteran of the BPO industry, discusses how Robotic Automation could drive the next generation of BPO’s. Richard outlines his view that unless BPO’s embrace this new approach to automation they could get left behind in this very competitive market.

Why Blue Prism? – A customer perspective

Blue Prism customers explain how they are implementing “Business Self Service” process automation technology, delivered within an IT managed framework, to create a “Virtual Back Office”. They discuss the benefits realised through robotic automation, including improved operational agility, process efficiency, accuracy, capacity and improved customer service.

Blue Prism in the NHS – A customer and partner perspective

Steve Chilton, IS Director of University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, explains how Blue Prism’s robotic automation technology has enabled the Trust to develop new applications and process automations without worrying about connectivity to the underlying Patient Administration System.

Operational Agility Forum – Meeting V

Highlights from the fifth meeting of the Operational Agility Forum. Leading industry attendees meet at Canary Wharf London to discuss how to increase operational agility through “business self service” process automation.