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Blue Prism Makes Digital Labor a Reality for Large Enterprises


Blue Prism Makes Digital Labor a Reality for Large Enterprises

Latest Release of Robotic Process Automation Platform Built to Enable AI for the Enterprise

Today at the Company’s North American Partner World event in New York, Blue Prism continues to distinguish itself as the only enterprise-class Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software available for large, regulated industries, offering centralized management of a multi-skilled digital workforce that meets the needs of both business operations and the most discriminating of IT teams. Following a rigorous testing and roll-out process, the company has announced general availability of Version 5.0 of its enterprise RPA platform. As of Q1, more than 80 enterprises across the globe have successfully implemented Blue Prism’s latest software robots in demanding enterprise back-office environments to eliminate the rules-based manual data entry and processing work that humans shouldn’t be doing. This gives business functions a digital workforce that can be targeted to perform many different tasks that are best suited for machines, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on customer value driven work.

“We are passionate about serving the unique and demanding requirements of large, complex and regulated enterprises. Providing a new pool of labor for these organizations is no small feat, as, if RPA is to be transformational, you must consider the needs of the business, as well as the stringent demands of enterprise IT,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO, Blue Prism. “We feel that IT requirements are generally passed over by other solutions in the market. In fact, most of these tactical products are implemented at a department level, which is the equivalent of shadow IT; shadow RPA.”

Blue Prism’s universal, multi-skilled software robots completely automate complex processes and integrate with any application and any platform; other non-enterprise solutions, including SDKs and desktop recorded automation options are ‘human assisted’ automation for simple tasks.  Blue Prism’s enterprise RPA is controlled by the business and governed by IT, and supports a high volume of complex processes that have been relocated from the desktop into the data center. Here, RPA can be properly overseen and credentialed by IT professionals who have strict standards for security, control, data integrity, change management, scalability, robustness and scheduling.

“Typical desktop ‘RPA’ are simple scripts recorded on personal computers to help workers save time with monotonous tasks. They are usually installed ad hoc within departments without IT’s knowledge, until something goes wrong and then it becomes an IT problem,” said David Moss, chief technology officer, Blue Prism. “Any ‘RPA’ solution with a record button should be a red flag for any IT architect evaluating solutions. If it’s on the desktop, it lacks security and scalability appropriate for enterprise deployment. It should be a non-starter.”

Making AI Actionable in the Enterprise

The latest version of Blue Prism’s RPA platform is designed to provide organizations with an execution engine to provide, orchestrate and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities as an intrinsic component of their process automation and execution strategy. Blue Prism’s RPA is built as the transactional platform, with its software robots helping AI turn decisions into actions and providing a wealth of centralized process data for mining and analysis.

Some of the new features in Version 5.0 include:

  • Enhanced insight and analysis of the performance, management and business value of the digital workforce through centralized dashboards leveraging the statistics repository
  • Updated user experience via a redesigned UI along with scalable multi-team access provisioning
  • Active queues that load balance the digital workforce and provide centralized management via a workflow-centric approach
  • Enterprise-scale and strength through internationalization (locales and character sets), dependency tracking and global application models
  • Encryption schemes that include support for multiple algorithms and portability when encrypting sensitive data for storage in the database

Earlier this month, Blue Prism was recognized as the Best Enterprise Application of AI at the AIconics awards in London, organized by AI Business as the world’s only independently judged awards celebrating the drive, innovation and hard work in the international AI community.

About Blue Prism

Founded in 2001, Blue Prism (AIM:PRSM) is the leading provider of enterprise-class Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software. The company’s multi-skilled software robots are implemented as digital labor in the most demanding enterprise back-office environments to eliminate the disproportionately low-return, high-risk, manual data entry and processing work that humans shouldn’t be doing. The company’s pioneering technology is used to automate back office tasks in sectors ranging from banking, telecoms, energy, BPO, government, financial services, retail and healthcare sectors. With offices in Manchester, London, Miami and Chicago, Blue Prism debuted on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange in March of 2016. Blue Prism has been recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor and by AI Business as the Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the AIconics awards. For more information, visit and follow the company on Twitter.