Blue Prism Receives One of the Top Honors at the AIconics Awards, Named Best Enterprise Application of AI - Blue Prism
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Blue Prism Receives One of the Top Honors at the AIconics Awards, Named Best Enterprise Application of AI


Blue Prism Receives One of the Top Honors at the AIconics Awards, Named Best Enterprise Application of AI

Recognized for its Software Robots’ Ability to Revolutionize Business Productivity & Efficiency

Blue Prism, a global leader in developing scalable, enterprise-strength software robots, today announced that it has been named the Best Enterprise Application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the AIconics Awards for its significant contributions and innovation to the AI community. Organized by AI Business, the awards celebrate the drive, innovation and hard work in the international AI community and take place during the world’s only event dedicated to AI for business leaders, The AI Summit.

Awarded the Best Enterprise Application of AI, Blue Prism was honored for its ability to revolutionize business productivity and efficiency across all industries. While AI is still in its infancy, a significant number of practical AI applications are already available to enterprises across the globe. This award category recognized the industry leaders putting forward the most comprehensive and effective solutions to the market and included the following nominees: Narrative Science, RAVN Systems, Celaton, Kira Systems and Volume Global.

Blue Prism’s software robots enable organizations with an execution engine to provide, orchestrate and leverage AI and machine learning capabilities as an intrinsic component of their process automation and execution strategy. Blue Prism’s RPA is built as the transactional platform, with its software robots helping AI turn decisions into actions. The cognitive decision making built into these software robots brings AI to life and also enables knowledge transfer between the robots and third party AI applications as the two engage and interface with one another allowing the robots to recognize items and take action with no external intervention. By leveraging Blue Prism software robots alongside AI applications, enterprises are able solve this universal communication issue and bring the sophistication of AI to the next level.

“The entire Blue Prism team is honored to be named Best Enterprise Application of AI by AIconics and AI Business,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism. “This win validates our commitment to AI as this technology becomes more sophisticated and increasingly implemented in the enterprise. We are excited to see the AI community value our software robots’ ability to add the next layer of value to AI applications, and look forward to continuing to innovate as AI becomes commonplace in organizations across the globe.”

This year’s awards featured five categories, recognizing industry leaders across a broad spectrum of AI technologies. The Awards presentation ceremony took place in the evening of the 5th of May 2016 in London.

George Kipouros, AIconics Award Curator noted, “With over 50 entries from around the world, the AIconics are already showing the strength of a rapidly expanding and evolving sector. Artificial Intelligence is set to dominate conversations in the technology sphere and business is waking up to the immense potential that AI brings. The AIconics are the first in celebrating hard work, drive and innovation in practical Artificial Intelligence.”

About Blue Prism

Blue Prism is the developer of scalable, enterprise-strength software robots which can be combined in to a Virtual Workforce of Digital Labor, the first administrative alternative to human workers.  With offices in Manchester, London, Miami and Chicago, Blue Prism has pioneered robotic process automation software which is transforming businesses through mass automation. The company’s technology is used to automate back office tasks in sectors ranging from banking, telecoms, energy, BPO, government, financial services, retail and healthcare sectors. For more information, visit and follow Blue Prism on Twitter.