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Blue Prism Partners with arvato UK to bring Robotic Process Automation to the Public Sector


Blue Prism Partners with arvato UK to bring Robotic Process Automation to the Public Sector

UK local government authority pilots RPA program to enhance revenue collection workflow and deliver best-in-class experiences

Blue Prism has partnered with business outsourcing partner arvato UK to conduct a RPA pilot program for a local government authority.

While public sector organizations have historically been hesitant to adopt emerging technologies, government entities in the United Kingdom are increasingly leaning toward innovative tools due to mounting financial pressures, major welfare reforms and growing pressure on citizen-facing services. This pressure is especially felt in revenue collection, which has become increasingly critical and resource heavy in the wake of major revenue reforms introduced in the last parliament. Having observed the success seen by RPA users in the private sector – marked by highly efficient back-office processes and greater opportunities for people to focus on complex, strategic work – arvato’s local government client determined to deploy RPA in its revenue department to enhance collection processes and improve service.

Leveraging Blue Prism’s cutting edge software, arvato automated several core transactional processes within the authority’s revenue department. The automated processes varied in complexity – from signing up people to direct debit payment for Council Tax, to indexing documents and assigning them to specific workflows. The processes typically involved laborious tasks including scanning documents and manually uploading information into several disjointed back-office platforms.

To date, the pilot has proved RPA to be a tremendously valuable tool in enhancing back-office workflow and enabling employees to rededicate themselves to frontline service. The pilot proved the processes could be handled virtually in the majority of cases, with 100 percent accuracy and a significant increase in speed. In addition to speeding up the revenue collection processes, RPA has also presented the opportunity to alleviate burdens brought on by the steep increase in more complex inquiries, redirecting mundane work to virtual resources and freeing up people to focus on business-critical initiatives.

“Providing effective public service is going to become more and more demanding,” said Debra Maxwell, CEO, CRM & Public Sector, arvato UK & Ireland. “To mitigate burdensome tasks and deliver optimal frontline experiences, public sector organizations must rely on innovative resources that will help them not only stay afloat, but help citizens to the best of their ability.”

Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism, added: “Every day we are seeing more applications of our software robots. With private sector companies across industries well underway in using the technology to achieve real results and gain market advantage, it’s exciting to have the technology start to find its place in the public sector.”