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Blue Prism Partners With ID Management


Blue Prism Partners With ID Management

Blue Prism today announced its partnership with Norwegian management consulting firm, ID Management. Already, insurance and financial organizations such as BN Bank have benefited by automating key operational processes using Blue Prism’s RPA technology. More details on the partnership may be found below:

Blue Prism Partners with ID Management to Offer Enterprises a Robotic Process Automation Solution for Process Efficiency

Companies including BN Bank already expediting key operational processes with RPA pioneer and leading consultant

Blue Prism, the leading developer of enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software, today announced that it has partnered with Norwegian management consulting company ID Management to help businesses expedite core operational processes through automation. Using Blue Prism’s RPA technology, ID Management now offers its customers throughout Scandinavia a solution for completing administrative procedures faster and more accurately – ultimately improving the end user experience and strengthening businesses’ bottom lines.

“ID Management is dedicated to improving the performance of our customers, and we root our strategy in exploiting the respective advantages of people and technology in an optimal way,” said Erik Lien, partner, ID Management. “With that in mind, Blue Prism was a logical partner for us, and we’ve seen our customers experience tremendous results by improving business procedures to meet customer demand and generate new leads using RPA software.”

ID Management, which partnered with Blue Prism in late 2014, is currently working with customers in the banking and insurance industries to deploy virtual workforces of software robots. Of those customers is BN Bank, a Norwegian commercial bank that has used Blue Prism’s RPA software to help with loan and payment processing, data migration and opening/closing bank accounts.

Gunnar Hovland, CEO of BN Bank, said: “Blue Prism’s software robots have proven to be total game changers for us. Prior to our deployment of a virtual workforce, our employees were working holidays and weekends to manage staggering customer demand for housing mortgage loan applications. ID Management helped us identify key aspects of the application process that could be automated, and we’ve since seen a huge improvement in customer service and acquisition. Our employees, now freed from the burdens of time-consuming administrative labor, are very pleased with our robotic staff as well.”

“BN Bank is what we hope to be the first of many successful deployments through our partnership with ID Management,” said Alastair Bathgate, CEO, Blue Prism. “As we continue to enter new global markets, we find that our solution resonates with businesses worldwide: companies want to optimize their performance, and RPA provides the best path for a highly efficient and reliable virtual workforce. We look forward to seeing more businesses across borders strengthen their bottom lines with our technology.”