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London School of Economics working paper highlights eight key findings from the use of RPA within Xchanging


London School of Economics working paper highlights eight key findings from the use of RPA within Xchanging

Xchanging plc, the business technology and services provider, in collaboration with the Outsourcing Unit of the London School of Economics and its business partner Blue Prism, can today reveal the results of an academic research paper into its current and long-term use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

At present Xchanging’s Insurance business has 14 core processes automated, using 27 robots (as of June 2015) and processes 120,000 cases a month. With Xchanging’s stress on ‘technology at our core’ Adrian Guttridge, Executive Director of Insurance, introduced RPA into Xchanging in early 2014. The technology fitted well with Xchanging’s core values of customer focus, innovation, and speed.

The Outsourcing Unit (OU) of the LSE undertook the research into Xchanging’s RPA technology over the month of May 2015. Academic researchers met with RPA “champions” from within Xchanging to learn more about the organisation’s approach and its implementation of RPA technology.

A full copy of the paper can be downloaded here

The paper referred to Xchanging’s implementation of robotics as provisionally challenging four ‘myths’ in RPA. A myth is not necessarily false but will not be true in all circumstances:

The first ‘myth’ being that RPA is only used to replace humans with technology, however the paper found RPA at Xchanging was used to do more work with the same number of people.
Secondly the perception that operations staff feel threatened by RPA was also displaced as Xchanging welcomed the robots as valued “new hires”.
Thirdly RPA has not brought back many jobs from offshore as Xchanging has automated many offshore processes and kept them offshore.
The fourth ‘myth’ was around cost savings and the fact that cost was not the primary reason for bringing RPA to Xchanging as the company already had an understanding of multiple operational benefits and strategic payoffs.
The OU paper details the multiple benefits Xchanging has gained from its RPA deployment so far. The business is looking to extend its RPA capability across the Group, bringing long term ‘strategic and competitive edge payoffs’.

Leslie Willcocks of the LSE’s Outsourcing Unit explained:

“The paper outlined eight ‘lessons’ for organisations looking to implement an RPA strategy from Xchanging’s experience. These included: the need for an internal RPA sponsor, or champion; a culture of business innovation and technology which accelerates adoption; and the ability for RPA to comply with the technology function’s governance and architecture policies.”

The paper also highlighted the other benefits to Xchanging, including: improved service quality, high accuracy, low error rates, faster turnaround times, increased compliance and strategic positioning.

Commenting on the LSE paper and Xchanging’s experience of RPA Adrian Guttridge, Executive Director of Xchanging Insurance, said:

“I think RPA helps us hugely around error rates, consistency, volumes, speed and price point. For our existing contracts we will end up wrapping a service around it to our clients who can buy a service that includes robotics, but robotics is also something we can take to market stand-alone. Robots also give us an option beyond pure offshore labour arbitrage. The other thing it does is demonstrate a level of innovation to our clients.”

Alastair Bathgate, CEO and Co-Founder of Blue Prism, added:

“It’s very exciting to see how Xchanging have adopted Blue Prism’s Robotic Process Automation technology and created such innovative and differentiated offerings. They have demonstrated how software robots can be a virtual workforce that compliments their existing work force and tirelessly perform the tasks and processes for which automation is most suited”

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