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Everyday Financial Solutions signs up for Blue Prism


Everyday Financial Solutions signs up for Blue Prism

Everyday Financial Solutions, a subsidiary of Littlewoods Shop Direct Group, is to deliver business efficiency improvements with Blue Prism.

Manchester , UK :

Everyday Financial Solutions, the financial services division of the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group has contracted with Blue Prism Limited to automate three highly resource-dependent processes within its credit and collections department. The automation of these processes, using Blue Prism solutions, will enable Everyday Financial Solutions to redeploy up to 12 FTEs (full time equivalent roles) into customer facing roles. The timescale for the project is eight weeks after which employees will be immediately released into new roles. A further 20 processes have been identified for automation pending the results of this first phase.

Everyday Financial Solutions has identified three processes to automate in an initial proof of concept stage including; small balance write offs, where a dormant account with a small outstanding balance can be written off; cancellation of insurance, where Extra Care Insurance needs to be cancelled from time to time and debit and credit administration when accounts are being transferred from collections to recovery. Each process would typically take a number of employees several days each period to manage manually.

The merger of Littlewoods Home Shopping and Shop Direct two years ago has resulted in a major optimisation project within the Group to harness the efficiencies of both organisations and to develop one common IT platform.

Commenting on the business need for the automation project Steve Mound, Director of Operations at Everyday Financial Solutions said, “In any business, over a period of time things break and need fixing and it takes a considerable amount of IT resource to support 100% of the business 100% of the time. Our internal IT team recognised that the organisation’s strategic IT roadmap was creating challenges in fixing a growing number of day to day business requests. They fully supported the need to find a tactical solution to support the business – which has resulted in the deployment of Automate.”

Commenting on the selection of Blue Prism, Steve Mound explained, “We had a rigorous selection process where a number of vendors were short listed and evaluated using a balanced scorecard approach. We selected Blue Prism based on price, the simplicity and flexibility of the product and the ease in which skills can be transferred to our internal business team.”

Alastair Bathgate, Managing Director of Blue Prism commented, “FTE savings, significant improvements in customer service and increased income can all be achieved as a result of automating time-consuming manual processes. I’m delighted that the Littlewoods Shop Direct Group has joined a growing number of customers who see automation as the route to cost savings and greater business efficiencies.”

Blue Prism provides a new generation of operational agility software. Utilising the latest technology, Blue Prism helps organisations like Barclays, npower, The Co-operative Financial Services and Shop Direct manage complex business processes, linking people and systems seamlessly and effortlessly to target changing business goals.

The company works across a range of industries including call centres, utilities, telecoms and banking. Using our Operational Agility Software suite, our customers benefit from accurate and consistent process execution, lower customer churn, lower staff turnover and lower operational costs.

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