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Blue Prism and Medalytix Announce OEM Partnership


Blue Prism and Medalytix Announce OEM Partnership

Blue Prism, the Operational Agility Software Company and Medalytix the provider of the world’s first automated screening system for detecting the early signs of diabetic eye disease, announced today their OEM partnership agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, Medalytix is licensing the unique Blue Prism Integration Server technology which provides a seamless integration with Patient Management Systems in the UK and overseas.

Medalytix offers a unique automated screening system for detecting the early signs of diabetic eye disease (diabetic retinopathy). The solution delivers automated grading which is clinically validated and can be seamlessly integrated with existing patient management systems, either through published interfaces or through the Blue Prism Integration Server technology, allowing healthcare providers to introduce demonstrated cost-saving measures for the benefit of their patients and the wider community.

Blue Prism and Medalytix began the challenge of solving the integration problem in retrieving retinal images and related data from the host Patient Management Systems earlier in the year and have now entered into a formal agreement. Blue Prism integration technology is being embedded into the Medalytix iGrading system so that information can be retrieved and grading results can be written back to the PMS.

“Blue Prism is delighted to be working together with Medalytix on these exciting and important health screening projects,” commented Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism

The delivery to the first customer of the integrated product is already in progress and a number of new clients are currently being engaged.

Robert Thompson, CEO of Medalytix stated, “The Medalytix product demonstrates true innovation in health care screening and working with Blue Prism gives us the ability to easily manage the connections to legacy patient management systems.”

If you would like more information then please contact Jane Stephens of Medalytix on 0800 019 3033 or by email at or Pauline Brown on 0870 879 3000 or by email at

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