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Blue Prism and Destiny announce OEM agreement for Mobile Healthcare Solutions


Blue Prism and Destiny announce OEM agreement for Mobile Healthcare Solutions

Destiny, the UK’s leading provider of digital pen business solutions and Blue Prism, the operational agility software company, have joined forces to offer an exciting and innovative solution for Mobile Healthcare professionals.

Under the terms of the agreement Blue Prism is licensing its Integration Server technology to Destiny, to form a vital component in the Destiny Mobility Solution for Healthcare.

The digital pen, based on Anoto technology, enables mobile healthcare workers, such as district nurses and midwives to capture important information whilst they perform their roles in the field.

The healthcare workers fill in a digital health check form.  The paper is printed with an almost invisible dot pattern, the digital form is completed using a digital pen and when it is completed they tick the ‘send’ box on the digital form and the data on the form is sent to Destiny’s secure servers – either by a simple docking process or via a Bluetooth mobile device. The pen strokes are instantly converted by Vision Objects MyScript software into a graphical image of the original handwritten form, and a data file.

The data and actions are captured and directly integrated with the National Program for IT (NPfIT) Patient Administration System via the Blue Prism Integration Server. The benefits are significant including:

1)     Data is captured in real time with “easy-to-use” digital pen and paper, delivering pdf copies of documents and forms as well as converted data files within minutes of completion.

2)     Significant time is saved on administration work for the healthcare professional who can, therefore, spend more time with patients and improve the quality of care

3)     Direct integration into the MPfIT PAS ensures that data is captured efficiently without the need for re-keying, or back office administration staff

4)     Data is captured accurately and “right first time” ensuring the best level of patient care, removal of potentially distressing errors and cost reduction in back office staff needed to correct errors

5)     Rapid and seamless integration with NPfIT PAS ensures that the technology can be quickly and cost effectively deployed to mobile professionals

6)     Blue Prism technology is a secure, proven NPfIT integration technology and is in operation in the NHS providing the integration for a number of applications including self-service kiosks and clinical support systems.

Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism commented, “We are absolutely delighted to be working with Destiny to bring this new and innovative mobile solution to the NPfIT users. The speed and ease of integration enables the mobile solution to deliver rapid and impressive benefits to the Trusts.”

Edward Belgeonne, CEO and founder of Destiny, said: “We are delighted to be working with Blue Prism on this project. The solution as the capability of making a massive difference to the public sector, particularly in Healthcare. It delivers significant cost and time benefits, with little investment required and minimal training, thus allowing more resource to be dedicated to patient care.”