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Blue Prism Customers Meet to Discuss Empowered Business Technology


Blue Prism Customers Meet to Discuss Empowered Business Technology

Haydock Racecourse

Blue Prism (the operational agility software company) hosted a Blue Prism customer meeting to discuss the latest trends in Empowered Business Technology. Cutomers attending included senior represtantives in business operations and IT functions from The Co-operative Financial Services, Shop Direct Financial Services, Experian, 02 and University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Trust.

The meeting focused discussions on the latest “mega trend” identified by Forrester Reseach – Empowered Business Technology. This term was new to the participants but the idea and concept is not. Over 2 years ago a group of Blue Prism customers, some of whom attended this meeting at Haydock, and interested thought leaders established the Operational Agility Forum ( and defined the term “Business Led Computing” which identified a need for a capability for business units to “self serve” process automation opportunities which fall outside the economic paramaters of traditional, IT led process automation initiatives. The forum identified a partnership between IT and the Business operations functions that ensured governance, security and operational control but crtically gave the business teams the opportunity to configure process automations AND the associated integrations needed to embed the process into the operational environment.

The mega trend of Empowered Business Technology that Forrester research ( has recently identified supports this approach and they believe it is inevitable that business units are going to be not only the consumers of applications and services, but the procurers, configurers and developers of numerous business focused applications. IT’s role will be to ensure compliance, provide governance, deliver operational support, control and availablility and effectively manage the variety of vendors that each deliver specific business operational benefits.

Blue Prism also sponsored the Blue Prism Operational Agility Handicap Stakes and Alastair Bathgate, Blue Prism CEO, presented the Winners trophy to the winning horse owners.

If you would like to know more about Blue Prism’s approach to providing Empowered Business Technology through our “Self Service” Business Process Automation technology then please contact Pat Geary at