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Will software robots give offshore workers the boot?


Will software robots give offshore workers the boot?

BOSTON – Robert L. Mitchell of Computerworld Blogs after meeting with Alastair Bathgate, CEO of Blue Prism on how software robots are the “Next Big Thing”.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a robot as “a real or imaginary machine that is controlled by a computer and is often made to look like a human or animal.” Alastair Bathgate stopped by Computerworld’s offices the other day to talk about how software robots are the Next Big Thing I pressed him for a definition.

Blue Prism, a UK-based “agility software” company that automates business processes currently handled manually by low-wage offshore workers. Some processes, such as a VISA chargeback or activating a mobile phone SIM card, require following a complex and cumbersome set of process steps that, when written down, can fill 60 pages or more. Historically, businesses have driven down the cost of that work by delegating it to offshore labor. Today, however, there’s no place left for businesses to go to cut labor costs further. So, says Bathgate, the next step in driving down costs and increasing productivity will be to replace those workers with nonhumans. Software bots are the new workforce, and they can do this kind of laborious work faster, more accurately and more consistently than a human ever could, he claims.

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