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HfS Report: Framing a Constitution for Robotistan


HfS Report: Framing a Constitution for Robotistan

The report, published by Horses for Sources (HfS), a research firm specializing in business operations strategies, discusses the ways in which robotic automation technology has the potential to open new doors and add significant value for BPO service providers, as well as their end users. As an industry leader in robotic automation and a pioneer for the transformation of manual back office processes, Blue Prism’s technology, along with client deployments are listed as key factors in market adoption of robotic automation within the last year.

Charles Sutherland, senior vice president of BPO strategies at HfS and author of the report states, “a year later, we are more convinced than ever that robotic automation has the potential to disrupt the BPO marketplace.” According to Sutherland, the market for robotic automation has evolved from being an emerging topic discussed by very few people on the outskirts of the BPO sector, to a topic of focus in regards to disruptive technologies across all sectors of the industry.

In order to understand the opportunities which the deployment of robotics automation has created, HfS spoke with industry leaders and innovators of robotic automation software, including Blue Prism CEO, Alastair Bathgate and other software vendors, thought leaders, operations consultants and leading BPO service providers. Opportunities highlighted in the report include:

  • An increase in market participation including robotic software providers and consultants
  •  An increase in full scale deployments delivering an ROI
  • The growing responsibility to robotics and robotic automation among leading service providers within the BPO sector

According to Bathgate, “we are on the cusp of a new industrial revolution : creating a digital workforce” that increases efficiencies, reduce costs and frees up humans to do tasks they are good at such as solving strategic problems and working with customers.” The HfS report solidifies the significant impact of robotic automation and the value Blue Prism has seen by working with leading organizations and service providers who have already adopted the technology.

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