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Top Five Priorities for Shared Services and Outsourcing Executives


Top Five Priorities for Shared Services and Outsourcing Executives

At last week’s 14th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week, Rochelle Hood, the global head of communities and processes of the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) shared an overview of the organization’s “State of the Shared Services Industry” report. The report, which is an annual survey of the organization’s global members, found that while widespread industry adoption of robotic process automation is still tentative, technology and efficiency are top of mind for executives.

In a recent article published by Business Reporter, SSON’s Kim Vigilia discusses the increasing industry buzz around robotic process automation (RPA) and why it’s considered a game changer for the shared services and outsourcing (SS&O) industry. The article outlines the top five priorities, identified within the report, that are crucial for SS&O executives to pay attention to while waiting for the industry-wide adoption of RPA solutions:

  1. 56% say automation for efficiency is their top technology priority, ahead of data mining and analysis (37%) as well as social media, mobile, analytics and cloud (26%)
  2. 58% of SSOs are moving towards knowledge-based employee teams. This works well with the overall trend of offshoring (if not outsourcing) of transactional work and an increased focus on customer-centric, value-add, knowledge-oriented analytical services
  3. Shared services organizations spend only 1-3% of their total budget on training. This shift in skillset will require appropriate training for a predominantly transactional-oriented workforce, calling for a carefully architected change-management plan
  4. 59% characterize future plans for their SSO as being a state of growth. Expansion is expected to come from increasing services scope, supporting new regions or ownership of additional end-to-end processes
  5. 49% of SSOs incorporate process excellence into employee performance objectives and measures

As automation continues to gain prominence in the SS&O market, we’re excited to drive widespread adoption and increasingly help organizations operate with optimal efficiency.